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Ruled By Secrecy

Below are the 5 most recent journal entries.


  2004.01.05  18.22
New single..

..just in case you don't know it (okay I know it's stupid to think that) the next single will be "Butterflies & Hurricanes" and the video is shot in Alaska at the moment. Yay! ^_^



  2003.12.25  22.20
ho ho ooooohh

oh by the way merry xmas hehe erm hope everyone had a good day and got lots of goodies lets see what did i get...

an electric guitar with an amp,
a small rubber chicken (?)
lots of chocolate
a few pairs of trousers
some socks
washin stuff deoderant, shaving gel etc
stockin fillers like stuff u never actually use

erm a few other random bits but yeah i finally got to play on my guitar yaaaay hehe ill have to take it into work on saturday to show spike so he can play on it and tune it cause im not sure if it sounds right :S

hope everyone had a good christmas im not sure where ill be next year but if its not with family i hope its with its with somebody i know here or something well erm ok i should have thought that one out but yeah ok im gonna go check out the other sites hehe see ya laters people

Mood: bored

  2003.11.30  13.24

I just wanted to say




  2003.10.11  15.43
entry no. 2

ok this entry is dedicated to bex cause shes the greatest, ive known her for a while now but she is the nicest friendliest person i know, despite what she thinks and tells u she is beautiful smart funny she has the sweetest personality and the kindest heart of jus bout anyone i know, she has become one of my favourate friends and will always be close to my heart and she will always be special to me and many others she means the world to her friends if u become a friend of hers u will always be remembered and loved, as long as u return the kindness she shows u , she will always a best friend who will show u friendship in the best way, if u dont think she is cute and lovely u need glasses, if u dont think she can be a friend u have a lot to learn, u will miss out if u dont have a friend as nice as bex here trust me there is no one else like her and we dont want anyone but our lil bex, so this ones for u hun we hope u will remember us because i for one will always remember u
xxxxxxxxxxx luv always paul xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mood: cold

  2003.10.01  12.28

ok peeps, gather this is the first entry, nowt exciting mind you. For those wondering how to post up on here this is what you do:

Go to your update page as normal, then type what you want to type for this community, when you've done that click the extra options below the main box then in "journal to post in" click ruledbysecrecy and then click "update" journal.

And there you have it. That's as simple as I can put it so now there's no excuse:P

talk about what you want just dont make it offensive ok?